24 / 7 Healthy Food!
Apple Valley Bed N Breakfast
We offer food solutions for people stuck at work and cant grab some good food.
Welcome To
 Green Vending

Healthy food for today's fast paced lifestyle.

I would now like to thank the people who without,
this business wouldnt exist.

My Mom & Dad for my cultivation!

Alexander Ray Lujan for fixing my computers & physical / mental therapy
Werner Erhard, Lauren Gartland, Joell, Debbie Merrill, Nono
for vegan / nutritional dietary support

Joey for giving me a place to live and help in his advertising firm

and all the people that will come together to make this project like none other!

thank you I love you all!!


9/2/14 Eric from Los Angeles:

Yes well both Fedex Express at LAX and Hitco in Gardena have many vending macheens but zero or very little choices for healthy food. If there was even a small snack that was healthy and around a dollar I would get that almost every day instead of a candy or soda like I have to now.

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