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Fred Lewis

​​Gold Rush Mine Rescue
Freddy Dodge & Juan​ Ibarra
(Ibarra Industries)
Todd Hoffman (age 54)
Shawna Michelle Hoffman​
Jack Hoffman (age 71)
Georgia Hoffman​​
Hunter Hoffman
Hudson Hoffman
Fred Dodge & Juan Ibarra​
Mike Turner Sparky​​​
​Jimmy Dorsey A Realtor and self-confessed adrenalin junkie. After an off-camera physical altercation with Greg Remsburg,
​ James Harness The crew mechanic
​Jim Thurber Camp Safety Officer​
Greg Remsburg 
​Dave Turin & Shelly Jim Turin & Sons (age 52) Dozer Dave
Gary Grogan​
Greg Remsburg
Earle Foster 
Michael Halstead In the first season "Pastor Mike" 
3 Wayne "Nugget Brain" Peterson Joining the Dakota Boys for part of Season 3
​​Jason Otteson Main investor for Hoffman/Turin crew
​Jim Nail Placer Mine ​​ ​

​Tony Beets (age 67) Dutch-Canadian gold miner and owner of the Tamarack Mine
Mini Beets
​Parker Schnabel (age 29)
Chris Doumitt (age 59)​
​ John Schnabel
Roger Schnabel​
Mitch Haley Blashke​​
Tyson Lee​
Rick Ness / Leese Marie
Buzz Legault​ bad teeth mechanic
Ryan Kent mechanic
Travis Kennagin camp cook​
Tray Charlie
Baily Charton​​​

Fred Lewis (misfits)​​

Dakota Fred Hurt 
​Dustin Hurt 

Brian Zaremba​