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Kundalini Yoga Sound "Bath"- harmonium, singing bowls and gong

Kundalini is short for "high on your own supply."​

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Kundalini yoga is for everyone, meaning it's for people with jobs, families, relationships, homes, cars, creative practices...aka real people. If you happen to be super bendy and drink multiple green juices per day, Kundalini will enhance every elevating experience for you. And if you haven't seen your toes since 1977, there are so many breaths, exercises, and meditations that will rock your world in a couple of minutes.

2. Kundalini is an onomatopoeia.
Kundalini, funny to say, it can be funny to do, but it makes you feel like you're about to giggle. It makes you feel happy. Ultimately, humans are wired to be happy, and Kundalini is a system to uncover your innate wisdom, innocence, and contentment.

3. Three minutes can change your life.
What I love about the practices and technology of Kundalini yoga is that they can be so basic and still so indescribably powerful. The pressure to evolve is massively increased right now, and we don't have the leisure to take things slowly Because of the advanced glandular and nervous system technology in Kundalini yoga, a meditation or yoga set even as short as three minutes can totally change your day and ultimately your life.

4. Kundalini burns more than just calories. It burns your karma.

5. Kundalini raises your vibration.
The practices of Kundalini Yoga are very much a process of biofeedback. When you practice Kundalini yoga, it sends a signal, a command to the universe. I'm ready. I showed up this morning. I am showing up in my life. I'm engaging in a deeper resonance of my experience of being human. And I'm ready for more, and I'm ready for something that fits better with my current state of being-ness and consciousness. Since it's not new understanding that everything operates on vibrational resonance and frequency, you begin to generate a more heightened vibrational experience both internally and externally.

6. These practices have 5,000 years of research and results behind them.
Yogis, sages, and meditators have recognized, experimented, and proven the strength, potential, and development of the human system for thousands of years. So these techniques are tried and true, and over 5,000 years they have been heavily practiced and proven to change your brain waves, chemistry, physical vitality, and thought patterns.

7. Kundalini helps you upgrade your mind.
We're in a new trajectory on the planet. As a result of this shift in the earth's psycho-magnetic field, there's a pressure on our own individual psycho-magnetic fields. Our own psyches, our own magnetic energies, have to change in order to keep up with the changes on the planet. The required upgrade is creating a very palpable pressure.

Kundalini yoga is like the technology of your electronics, but it's for your biological and energetic/subtle bodies. The tech of Kundalini yoga is that it allows you to relax, renew, and rejuvenate to such a degree that you are able to participate in elegance with the most mundane moments of everyday life.

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