Morgan Chester Zucker      6/9/1922​ ~ 11/11/2022
 ​Hello my name is Morgan. I was the son of Julius L Zucker 11/22/1883-10/4/1948, And Ellian Jane Hewitt Zucker 7/6/1890-4/15/1979  In Chula Vista, a suburb of San Diego California. My siblings are: Abby (Evelyn),  Wanda, Raymond, Luis, & James

In September 1940 I joined the US Navy After attending my "A" school classes I embarked upon the USS Saratoga in San Francisco (CA-38) (which was heavily damaged in the Battle of Goudal Canal near the Solomon Islands) as a passenger on a 5 day trip headed to Pearl Harbor Hawaii, where I was assigned to the USS Nevada until we / I got blitzed by the Japanese on December 7, 1942; THE American invitation to WWII. After Pearl Harbor I took the USS San Francisco back to San Diego, CA. where I was assigned on the USS Tuna at Mare Island, Near Vallejo, CA. After that deployment I was selected to attend Sub School in New London Connecticut where I eventually met my first wife Monica. I attended the Navy Dive School, and you had an option to take a 36 foot, or volunteer for the 100 foot escape, naturally I volunteered and aced the 100 foot upward ascent which I survived, and earned a certificate (The certificate was stolen by a couple of knuckle heads during a move in Bargo Guantanamo Bay.) I became a Navy Dive instructor. I bought a house on 60 Dead Mans Curb road now called 60 Stonybrook Rd Gales Ferry, CT 06335, near Norwich, Connecticut. I used to go fishing at Morgan Pond Reservoir. off of Sandy Hollow Rd. You weren't aloud to fish there, so we had to sneak in. I had to use tree branches to hide the car.

​ I had 4 successful children Carol, Ron, Rick & Marjorie. After retiring from the Navy, I worked for General Dynamics or as I called it Generous Dynamic in Groton Connecticut I found out how nice and warm it was in Key West so we quickly relocated almost to Key West FL. (23 Key Haven Terrace to be precise) That original house is no longer there, The new owners did a complete renovation now its 3 stories tall on stilts with the new building code for storm surges n such. I was affiliated with a dive/salvage operation, the vessel "The Cable" fits in about this time. I was a maintenance supervisor at "The College of The Florida Keys" I built a few boats from scratch since we lived on a canal there.  From there I got a jobat the Panama Canal Commission and we relocated to Panama. Monica continued having complications with emphysema and She passed away on August 4th, 1981 in Philadelphia, PA. A few years later my second marriage was to Isabel (Chavela) de Folche She worked at a Real estate office in the Dominican Republic. We moved back to Key West 210-C Key West by the Sea where I designed my house in Copey / Puerto Plata Dominican Republic. I had a few houses in Homestead Florida that scummed to hurricane Hurricane Andrew 1992 1576 Egret Rd. Homestead FL 33035 then Jacksonville Florida140 Brently Ln, Orange Park FL. I held a Pilots License, smoked Cigars occasionally, I was big on Ford Cars. 

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